Whether through canoeing, hiking, or camping, Frederic Remington was a man who loved the outdoors. The artist once wrote a friend, “if I had money enough I would live in a bark camp the year round.” The artworks on display in our current exhibit, Another Frontier: Frederic Remington’s East, depict landscapes with which the artist was familiar and personally enjoyed, from forested fields to choppy river waters. Thus the theme for this year’s Summer Camp @ The Sid: The Great Outdoors.

During Summer Camp, our junior campers explored the many facets of our collection and special exhibition: looking for all of the wildlife in the various landscapes represented in our paintings, how the colors of landscapes affect our mood, taking a ride through the water scenes on display, and more. Each day includes a sketchbook activity, time “sightseeing” in the galleries, and several hands-on art projects. What kind of art projects you ask? Take a look!

Making Art Journals
Sketching in the galleries.
Animal Pinch Pots
Wildlife Watercolors
Canoe portraits