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Night & Day: Frederic Remington’s Final Decade

Ride along with the risk-takers and romantics of the American West captured on canvas and brought to life in vivid detail. This 360-degree exploration delves into the artists who captured the American frontier in paint and bronze through this exceptional collection of artworks by premiere Western artists. Immerse yourself in Frederic Remington’s Western subjects set under the shadows of night and the dazzling light of day.


Many know the bald eagle as America’s national bird. But what animal was recently named America’s first national mammal?
Here’s a hint: it’s near-sighted, you can judge its mood by its tail, and it has been around since prehistoric times.


Bison, also known as buffalo


There are 278 buffalo medallions that line the exterior and interior of the Sid Richardson Museum.

Bison are a common theme within Western art. How many did you see when you took the tour?