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Bring the Sid Richardson Museum to your students. Our Virtual Field Trip will introduce you to our museum and art collection. Through pre-recorded videos, join museum educators as they guide discussions centered around paintings from the Sid Richardson Museum collection. Responses to each discussion can be offered as a class, a group, or individually. All video content is offered in English and Spanish.

Virtual Field Trips are FREE with registration.

Grade Level Field Trip Offerings

  • 1-2nd Grade: Story Telling
  • 3-5th Grade: The Storyteller’s Voice
  • 6-12th Grade: The Storyteller’s Viewpoint: Realities and Myths


  • Welcome video conveys the Sid Richardson mission and what to expect when visiting the museum. It can be used by teachers to prepare students before an in-house field trip in the future;
  • Three “tour stop” videos for different grade levels which prompt conversation- based learning through guided questions.“Things to Think About” notes that offer concepts and ideas that will be covered in each level;
  • Videos include an activity prompt as an opportunity for student engagement;
  • Supplemental PDFs include further resources, information, and student activities;
  • Content is suitable for classroom presentation by teachers and at-home parent/child conversations;
  • TEKS integrated content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will practice critical thinking skills ;
  • Participants develop the ability to derive meaning from art;
  • Participants will be introduced to new terminology used to speak about artwork;
  • Participants develop visual literacy and communication skills through guided discussions;
  • Participants develop confidence visiting an art museum through digital exposure;
  • Participants reinforce their learning through hands-on activities.

Please email to be informed of release.