What is summer without summer camp? Did you know the first summer camps in the US originated in the 1860s? Then and now, summer camps present themselves as an escape from our every day life and as an opportunity to have fun while learning something new.

Gunnery Camp,1861, the first organized American summer camp. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

While traditional summer camp was presented as a way to build character in the “great outdoors,” at The Sid, we like to develop knowledge and skills in our gallery and studio.

SRM Children’s Summer Camp 2018

Why is art good for your child? For one, looking at art helps kids learn how to analyze and synthesize information. Also, making art is more than painting pretty pictures; it involves math, science and experimentation. Additionally, children who feel free to experiment often feel free to find new ways of thinking, both inside and outside the art studio.

Above all, when kids feel good while they are creating art, which helps boost self-confidence. And who doesn’t want more happy kids?

So what kind of activities did our summer campers at The Sid get to explore? See for yourself!

Painting plaster cast sculptures

Painted hand casts.

Learning different ways to make sculpture.

Posing for cowboy portraits.

Cowboy portraits completed.

Learning how to make sunsets using color gradation.

Cowboy sunsets and animal portraits.