Throughout the summer, in partnership with the Fort Worth Library’s Worth Reading Program, the museum is presenting Art of Story children’s workshops. This program is an opportunity for kids to explore the American West while learning how to compose a story.

Storytelling is important because stories help us connect with each other and are central to our mental processes for understanding, remembering, and communicating. Stories make it easy to learn and teach us the history and values of our people and other cultures. Plus, stories are fun!

Remington and Russell were great storytellers, as is evidenced in their paintings. Each artist had a different style of storytelling. Russell liked to capture the entire scene on a canvas, whereas Remington would leave clues that might hint to actions taking place beyond the picture plane. Through these artists’ works, our docents discuss character, setting, action, as well as myth and storytelling.

Inspired by the artwork in our galleries, the students take to the canvas, creating their own story by painting a landscape with authentic artist supplies.

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