This week we had a visit from a group of high school students from Nagaoka, Japan. Here at the Sid Richardson Museum, we’re excited to give these students an opportunity to learn and be creative.

As part of the Fort Worth Sister Cities program, these young scholars toured various cultural institutions around the city, and the Sid was lucky enough to be included. I had a chance to talk with a representative from Fort Worth Sister Cities International to learn more about the program.

What is Sister Cities?

Sister Cities is an international organization that facilitates peace and prosperity around the world. Fort Worth has 8 sister cities, located in Japan, China, Germany, Swaziland, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico and Hungary. The students coming to Sid Richardson are part of an exchange we have been participating in for many years with Nagaoka, our Japanese sister city. This exchange is called the Harashin Scholarship Program, and has been generously funded by the Hara family. The program shares the name of the Hara family’s company, Harashin Co., which is a chain of supermarkets in Japan.

What is the goal of this program?

The exchange is intended to promote education and cultural sharing between the Japanese and Fort Worth students. It is also intended for the students to reach out to the community. For example, while the students are here, they will be volunteering at Teen Times at the FW Central Library.

What other activities are planned for these students?

We are so excited! Their week in town is full of events. They will attend a rodeo, take many tours including the George Bush Presidential Library and the JFK 6th Floor Museum, TCU campus, the Log Cabin Village, Bass Hall, the stockyards, and AT&T Stadium, and will be carrying the Japanese flag onto the field for Japan-America friendship night at the Rangers Ballpark.

Why did you choose to include the Sid Richardson Museum?

We included a tour of the Sid Richardson Museum because we feel that by visiting your establishment, our scholars will become more informed about the history and culture of our wonderful city, as well as be fascinated by the lovely art that is featured.

Visit the Fort Worth Sister Cities website to learn more about the program.