In our children’s programs, so often we study the People of the West: cowboys, American Indians, soldiers, pioneers, explorers, etc. This year, our children’s spring break workshops focus on the animals featured in our collection, allowing the students to think about the wild life that lived in the West and consider how important each animal was to the people living in that region.

Man’s relationship with animals is a universal theme that knows no time boundaries. Children today can relate their own experiences with animals to those who lived in the old West, placing the 19th Century into a context not so far from their own lives. Our programs always aim to balance fun, education, and creativity. The subject of animals is a great way to achieve that mission.

During this two-day workshop, students connect with the collection through scavenger hunts, sketching sessions in the galleries, and docent guided tours of selected artworks. The students transfer their studies and knowledge to the studio, where they have an opportunity to work with 2-D and 3-D art forms to create their own animal-themed artworks. Sketching, painting, constructing, and sculpting are all part of the program, providing something for everyone to enjoy!