Yesterday we celebrated our wonderful group of docents with a holiday luncheon. We are so honored to work with such a talented and caring ensemble of volunteers. These men and women are vital to our art museum. Through their passion and knowledge of art of the American West, the docents help to positively shape visitor’s attitudes about art and museums.

We’re not the only ones who appreciate our volunteers. At the end of every field trip, we send out a survey to assess student visits and learn how we can better serve future school groups. Here is just some of the feedback we received from anonymous teachers:

“[The docents] were excellent! The ladies were well informed and had all kinds of anecdotal observations that the kids loved. They were very patient and let the students engage with them which was wonderful.”

“Cannot wait to come back. Thank you!!”

“The docents and entire staff were absolutely wonderful! They were very knowledgeable and presented the information appropriately for 4th graders.”

“Our experience was completely positive! Every part of the trip was well-organized, and that greatly reduces stress for students (and for teachers). Each of the adults used a calm, confident tone of voice. That’s also a big plus!”

“The atmosphere was very warm and inviting. The docents who led the tour were wonderful as well as knowledgeable.”

“The most kid-friendly museum in all of the Metroplex!”

“Everyone was so lovely and helpful. I appreciated that there were plenty of adults to handle the kids and to help them.”

“[The docents] were great. Very welcoming and accommodating. Used kid friendly language and seemed enthusiastic.”

“The staff was gracious and very helpful. I could tell that they have worked with students before because of their patience. We had a wonderful experience.”

Thank you, docents, for all that you do for the Sid Richardson Art Museum!!!