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You may have noticed the museum has been closed for construction.  We had a chance to talk with the crew’s foreman, Michael Herder, with the Beck Group, to learn more about what this task entails.

Foreman's Office

Foreman’s Office

Tell us about this project.
MH: We performed demolition, installed a niche for the new security kiosk, installed a sliding glass partition between the store and museum gallery, installed new glass in the display window, and added new lighting for the museum exterior.

Constructing new niche for security kiosk

Constructing new niche for security kiosk

How many workers have been onsite?
MH: 25

What kinds of tradesmen have been involved?
MH: Although it’s a relatively small project, there are many details that require special skills. We’ve had iron workers, dry wall and demolition groups, mill workers, a glazing contractor, stoneworkers, an electrician, fire alarm and sprinkler contractors, and security personnel.

What are some of the challenges that come with construction in a museum environment?
MH: Cleanliness is key. We have to be aware of dust protection and maintain the integrity of the museum environment. Special precautions have to be taken so as not to disturb the security and air systems that protect the artwork.

How long did the planning take?
MH: There is more to it than it looks at face value. It took four months to plan, and that doesn’t include the architectural preparation.

Director Mary and Foreman Mike in front of new sliding glass partition

Director Mary and Foreman Mike in front of new sliding glass partition

More store fixtures will arrive after the exhibition installation, so our enhancements will be ongoing this fall. These enhancements will create a more welcoming and inviting environment, making your museum experience all the more enjoyable. Our doors will reopen September 19th. Hope to see you in the museum soon!