18 10, 2023

The Evolution of the Cowboy Hat

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Every cowboy hat has a story to tell. When you walk through our galleries here at the Sid Richardson Museum, you’ll not have to journey far before you encounter an artwork featuring a figure in a Western-style hat. But not each hat is the same. Every cowboy hat carries the history of its wearer, whether that be Mexican vaquero hats, Charro hats, the hats of western performers or rodeo stars, and of course the working cowboy hats. So let’s take a journey through some highlights from our collection to explore the evolution and different iterations of the cowboy hat.   [...]

20 09, 2023

The Impact of a Dude Rancher

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The impact of Charles Russell’s friendship with pioneer dude rancher Howard Eaton appears twice in our current exhibit, Charles M. Russell: Storyteller Across Media. The first occurrence is in Russell’s 1916 oil painting Man’s Weapons Are Useless When Nature Goes Armed. In the bottom left corner viewers will see an inscription to Eaton from his friend CMR.   Charles M. Russell | Man's Weapons Are Useless When Nature Goes Armed (Weapons of the Weak; Two of a Kind Win) | 1916 | Oil on canvas | 30 x 48.125 inches   Detail of Man's Weapons showing Russell's [...]

15 08, 2023

Westside Stories: Black Homesteaders

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What do we see when we picture the American West? Perhaps Native women, elderly Indigenous men, or Anglo cowboys. Commonly imagined through art and film, these have been the consistent images of the American West that are still accepted to this day and that, until recently, very few people have questioned. This imagined West was very real for generations of people and remains the way that, for many people, we picture this place. Another way the “Old West” is imagined and imaged is through erasure; a time and place that is supported by those we do not see. In a [...]

18 07, 2023

Russell & Friends, Part 2

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In our last blog post, we explored Charles Russell’s friendships with a couple of well-known artists, Maynard Dixon and Philip Goodwin, the latter of which Russell collaborated with on an art project at his summer cabin. Other artists and friends Russell collaborated with include Russell’s close friend and first serious art dealer Charles Schatzlein and Butte artist Edgar S. Paxon. The three Montanans painted a portrait of an American Indian, which our museum visitors will see on display in our current exhibit, Charles M. Russell: Storyteller Across Media. Schatzlein owned the Schatzlein Paint Company in Butte, Montana and admired Russell’s [...]

21 06, 2023

Russell & Friends, Part 1

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While Charles Russell led a successful artistic career, largely in part to the business savvy of his wife and manager Nancy Cooper Russell, not every creative output was intended for sale. His illustrated letters and even some significant paintings and sculptures were made specifically as gifts for the artist’s close friends. Some of these works were gifted to reciprocate the hospitality Charlie and Nancy received during their travels to promote his art. Who were these friends? A section of artworks featured in our current exhibit, Charles M. Russell: Storyteller Across Media, relate to the friendships Russell kept. The cowboy artist [...]

17 05, 2023

The Storyteller

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Our new exhibit, Charles M. Russell: Storyteller Across Media, focuses on the artist’s talent and ability to tell stories through his art. He communicates his stories through paint, canvas, paper, bronze, and any other material he could find. In the case of one story featured in the exhibit, he retold it through a few different media and compositions. Near the entrance of the exhibition, visitors will encounter a grouping of works related to an event called counting coup. To count coup was a high honor among Plains Indians, and often consisted of touching the enemy with a club or whip [...]

19 04, 2023

The Study of the Night Sky

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“Few who would acquire a knowledge of the heavens, let him give up his days and nights to the marvels of Orion.” - Charles Edward Barns, a writer and hobby astronomer of the late 19th century   Frederic Remington completed over 70 compositions of night scenes from 1900 until his death in 1909. The artist referred to these paintings as his moonlights, and today we refer to them as nocturnes. The Sid Richardson Museum has 5 nocturnes in its collection. Our current show, Night & Day: Frederic Remington’s Final Decade, features 10 of Remington’s night paintings. Nocturnal images were crucial [...]

11 04, 2023

Charles M. Russell: Storyteller Across Media Opens May 11

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For Immediate Release: April 2023 Media Contact: Rachel Trevino, 210-854-8889, THE ART OF STORYTELLING COMES TO LIFE IN BRONZE SCULPTURES, WATERCOLORS, OIL PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, AND MORE BY “ORIGINAL COWBOY ARTIST” CHARLES M. RUSSELL Charles M. Russell: Storyteller Across Media Opens May 11 at Sid Richardson Museum FORT WORTH, TX - Opening Thursday, May 11, at the Sid Richardson Museum in Fort Worth’s historic Sundance Square, Charles M. Russell: Storyteller Across Media is a new exhibit exploring the art and soul of the American West through the artwork and reflections of famed “cowboy artist” Charles Marion Russell. The exhibit is [...]

10 03, 2023

“Cowboys Are Cash”: Remington & Advertising

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*The following is researched and written by Dr. Mark Thistlethwaite, Professor of Art History Emeritus, Texas Christian University* Among the striking artworks currently on view in the exhibition Night and Day: Frederic Remington’s Final Decade, I found The Herd Boy (ca. 1905; fig. 1) to be particularly intriguing. I am impressed by how Remington plays off the details of the shivering young man mounted on his scrawny horse against the vagueness of the vast frozen landscape and how the amazingly frenetic brushwork of the windswept foreground contrasts the resigned rootedness of the horse. I am also captivated how Remington suggests [...]

15 02, 2023

Free & Enslaved Black Cowboys

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For over a century, the image associated with the Texas cowboys has been a white man, like those painted by artists Charles Russell and Frederic Remington as found in the Sid Richardson Museum’s collection. Yet, one-quarter of the 35,000 cowboys who participated in cattle drives from Texas between 1866 and 1895 were Black. Less understood or appreciated is that many of these cowboys learned their craft while enslaved.   Charles M. Russell | Cowpunching Sometimes Spells Trouble |  1889 | Oil on canvas | 26 x 41 inches   Where in Texas did many of these Black cowboys [...]