The works in the Sid Richardson Museum collection can be licensed for use in commercial and educational projects. Use of museum images for any purpose requires:

  1. Contact the Museum to make a reproduction request at
  2. You will receive an email with a Reproduction Request Form. Complete, sign and return via:
  3. The Museum director will approve your project and you will receive:
    • Color corrected images.
    • A printed and signed copy of the completed and approved application.
    • Go – By Reference prints which shows the proper image colors.
  4. Send a color proof to the Museum for approval:
  5. Send a copy of the final publication to the Museum.
    • Mail or ship to: 309 Main Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102.
    • Please include any Go – By Reference prints that you were sent.


The following rules govern the Reproduction of Works of Art from the Sid Richardson Museum:

  1. Each object must be reproduced in its entirety. Permission to reproduce a detail will be granted only if the entire image also appears in the same publication. Application to reproduce a detail from a work will be considered only upon receipt of a photocopy or email attachment (PDF format) or photograph marked to show the area to be reproduced. If a detail is used, the caption must include the word “detail.”
    • The reproduction may not be bled off the page or cropped in any way without prior written permission from the Museum.
    • Nothing may be superimposed on the reproduction without prior written permission from the Museum.
    • Reproductions may not be printed on colored stock.
  2. The required credit line, Courtesy Sid Richardson Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, should appear on the same page as the reproduction or be shown in an appropriate portion of the publication.
  3. Name of the work, year and artist must appear on the same page as the reproduction or be shown in an appropriate portion of the publication. (This information will be provided with the final images).
  4. Permission is granted for one-time use, for one edition, and in one language. Additional language editions, subsequent editions, and related promotional use must be considered as separate requests and will require additional fees.
  5. Color proofs must be submitted to and approved by the Museum prior to publication. (Mail printed proof or send PDF.)
  6. Final copy and layout for any promotional (i.e. advertising) material reproducing a Museum image must be submitted for review and written approval. If permission is granted, a special fee for such use will be determined by the Museum. (Mail printed proof or send PDF.)
  7. When a work of art from the Museum collection is published, one copy of the publication must be presented without charge to the Sid Richardson Museum, 309 Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102.
  8. Failure to comply with any of the above regulations will result in withdrawal of permission to reproduce any work of art in the Sid Richardson Museum.